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About EasyRequest

EasyRequest is a software that guides users through the process of submitting their requests to IT.
EasyRequest manages logical access requests, as well as requests for IT devices (such as phones, sockets, laptops, and so on)

EasyRequest was designed for a better user experience. We understand the difficulties a final user has in making demands for IT resources, such as: access to data or applications, Network Folders, document management systems, as well as for personal productivity devices.

While designing the EasyRequest front-end, we made sure that “NON-IT” users found it simple and easy to use. Requesting IT resources is not a simple task for business users, and most of the time they do not provide all the information that administrators or IT staff need to process their requests.
Users will be able to insert appropriate requests, approve them through specific workflows, and keep track of them for audit purposes.

Why EasyRequest

The challenge of access management systems is to make business users communicate with IT administrators or systems. The former know, from a business standpoint, what type of access is required to perform their duties; the latter know how to technically provision systems and applications. EasyRequest has been thought to overcome these problems.

What makes EasyRequest unique and simple is its integration with the most common Identity Governance systems. This means that the business user who is either inserting or authorizing a request knows at all times the recipient’s existing access and entitlements. Entitlements are expressed in non-technical terms so business users understand exactly what they are requesting, as well as the risks they are running because of existing permissions.


  • Resources and Services Catalogue

    EasyRequests shifts the ownership of identity access from IT to business.

    EasyRequests uses a Resources and Services Catalogue, specifically designed for “non-technical” people. The catalogue contains a list of system entitlements, translated into business roles or tasks that a business user easily understands. Requestable items on the catalogue contain all the technical information that IT needs to process a request, but in user-friendly wording. Approvers also understand what they are authorizing (or denying) thus making them more aware of, and responsible, for their actions.

    The Resources/Services Catalogue lets you manage:

    • Information Resources
    • Application Roles
    • Additional attributes for each role
    • Limited visibility of Resources/Roles/Attributes based on ACL
    • Assign relative Data/Application Owners

  • Access Requests Management

    Main characteristics:

    • One request for multiple recipients
    • One request for multiple information resources
    • Manage multiple user accounts
    • Delegation management for requests and approvals
    • View existing Resources/Roles/Attributes owned at request time for oneself or by staff
    • View status of pending requests
    • View history of inserted requests
    • View history of approved requests

  • One Request for Multiple Recipients

    Drag & Drop in the cart all the users you want to assign/revoke access requests for:

  • Resources/Services Catalogue Management

    The Catalogue from which the requester can select the information resource or application access contains all the technical information required by IT to process the request, but in business-friendly terms. This improves the user experience for business, thus making EasyRequest more acceptable to users.

  • Request Confirmation Summary

    The picture below shows a summary of the items per recipient that were made with one request. Requestors can confirm or make final changes before submitting the request for processing.

  • Request History

    EasyRequest keeps track of all requests and traces all tasks performed, such as Manager approvals. This makes EasyRequest a valuable tool for auditing/compliance purposes.

  • Centralized view of request, identities, accounts, resources/services, exceptions

    EasyRequest integrates with the most popular identity management systems. The list of users comes from the Central Directory Server, which ensures that accounts and applications are always up to date.
    This makes EasyRequest an application that requires minimal maintenance and no additional DB or Directory Services.

  • Integration with Identity Governance Systems

    IGA user interfaces tend to be complex. EasyRequest is a “friendlier” version of those interfaces, while exploiting the full potential of IGA systems. This means that EasyRequest:

    • Exploits existing user account data
    • Exploits entitlements from target systems


    Current IAM or IGA systems that integrate with EasyRequest are:

    • Microfocus Identity Manager 4.x or higher
    • Microfocus Identity Governance 2.5 or higher
    • Sailpoint IdentityIQ 7.0 or higher
    • IBM IGI 5.2 or higher (in progress)


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