Net Studio has a highly qualified business unit that is dedicated to software development. Our team of professional developers has creativity, innovation, and computer programming built in its DNA.

Our team of professionals offer turnkey services, from product conceptualization to realization, including analysis, design, development, quality assurance, training, and documentation. We can continue to offer professional services and support on our products, if required.
Our software is based on J2EE architecture, developed with Java on JBoss application enterprise platform.

Main projects and products developed by Net Studio include ad-hoc integration components for our Identity and Access Governance projects, but also business process applications for both the private and public sector, some of which financed by European and Regional funds. Among these worth mentioning:

TRuST – TRaceability of the STerilization process, an ERP system for management, control, and traceability of surgical instruments and the sterilization of hospital textiles and instruments, an ERP management system for the control and traceability of the washing and sterilization processes of drapes and surgical instruments

GeRTIC – Telematic Request Management IdM Compliant, a system for managing requests for authorization for access to company resources, based on workflow and integrated with an Identity Management (IdM) system

EasyRequest – The software tool with which each person within a business organization can easily create ID request processes