Over the years, Net Studio has acquired substantial experience on Web Access Management and Enterprise Single Sign-On.

Web Access Management handles authentication and authorization processes for accessing corporate web resources.

A Web Access Management system ensures:

  1. Reduction of the number of routine tasks of application owners, through a centralized management;
  2. Access to applications according to the roles of each user, through predefined rules (Role Based Access Control model)
  3. Intercompany authentication, according to the concept of federated identity. Establishing trust mechanisms between public and/or organizational entities enables the sharing of application resources, thus making public portals or e-commerce systems transparent users already authenticated.
  4. Securitization of applications, which benefit from robust, centralized authentication methods.
  5. The possibility of obtaining, from a secure channel, user information that is necessary for authentication, even from applications that do not have an authentication mechanism.

Net Studio has gained a considerable amount of knowledge in the management of Federated Identities, through implementations in both the public and private sectors.

Enterprise Single Sign-On is a client-oriented system that simplifies the life of users who need to access enterprise applications, client-server or web-based.

An Enterprise Single Sign-On system requires the user to authenticate for the first time, without having to redo it afterwards. Combining SSOs with Strong Authentication methods is equivalent to having an armored door: inside your “home” you can leave “doors” open without the need for a key for each “room”.

An Enterprise Single Sign-On system offers the following benefits:

  1. Stores credentials in a personal repository, that is protected and accessed exclusively by the user;
  2. Frees the user from having to remember and handle different passwords for all of the different business resources;
  3. Automatically retrieves and provides credentials to the application, speeding up authentication;
  4. Reduces considerably calls to the Help Desk for password issues;
  5. Provides a password policy system for applications that do not have one, for compliance to applicable laws on data security.

Analysis and requirements definition is crucial in setting up an access management process for business applications (Web and non-Web).

Net Studio uses Project Management Methodology, a set of standards and tools to initiate and manage its projects. The Net Studio PM Methodology aims at providing a common language for communicating with stakeholders, establishes a means for managing projects more efficiently, and for tracking project progress and performance, all while respecting project constraints in terms of time, cost, and quality levels.

The approach includes a framework of managerial and operational activities:

1) Management

The project timeline is divided into Milestones, with activities that run either sequentially and/or in parallel. Continuous verification/exchange of information with the customer enables to stay focused on the project objectives and make any required changes. Net Studio provides the necessary documentation relative to the functional, organizational, and technological aspects of the implemented solution. At the end of the Project, Net Studio provides training on new products, to ensure that any element introduced into the organization will be managed accordingly.

2)  Operational

The solution is delivered initially in a delimited and controllable environment, so as to prevent and handle any critical issue. Once the functionalities are tested and any changes made, details of the roll out are agreed upon with the customer in order to limit any negative impact on business.

In order to safeguard customers’ technological investments and infrastructure, if possible, Net Studio will utilize customers’ existing hardware and infrastructure. Likewise, it is a project objective to integrate any technological solution into existing organizational processes and procedures. Ensuring the full interoperability of new technologies with pre-existing systems is one of the Net Studio goals when starting a new project.

Garantire la piena interoperabilità delle nuove tecnologie con i sistemi preesistenti è un altro dei vantaggi che Net Studio cerca di garantire fin dal primo momento in cui viene coinvolta in un progetto.

As a consulting company, we are firmly committed to implementing solutions that take into account future evolutions and an environment’s growth, from both a technological al functional point of view.

In general, the following macro activities can be expected for a Web Access Management and Enterprise Single Sign On projects:

  • Preliminary Assessment
  • Requirements Collection
  • Functional Analysis and Technical Design
  • Implementation in a test environment and Unit Testing
  • System Testing and Certification
  • Knowledge Transfer and Training
  • Roll-out
  • Follow-up and Lessons Learned