• Who is Net Studio

    Net Studio is based in Tuscany, offering services in consulting, system integration, application management and technical support, throughout Italy and abroad.

    Net Studio is specialized in designing and implementing logical access security and control systems, and combines technological skills and experience with knowledge of the latest laws and regulations on security and control, in order to help those that make IT security their job.

    Net Studio is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We believe in our quality and in the continuous improvement of our services.

    Since December 2017, pursuing the objective of completing the mutual offers in the field of Risk Management, Net Studio has acquired 25% of the shares of Soluzioni SRL.
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  • Mission

    We offer our Customers ad hoc solutions in Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Through our network of expert and creative consultants, we support our Customers in implementing new processes and developing effective behaviors.

  • Vision

    We want to give new boost to our growing by focusing on the foreign market, without losing our identity as a reliable and flexible partner, and consolidate our structure through these three strategies:

    • Enhanced customer experience
    • Empowerment of our staff, in both technical and transversal skills
    • Strengthening our organization by focusing on developing centers of expertise, improving our business processes, and defining clear responsibilities for each role.

  • Our values

    • Ethics and Transparency
    • Commitment and Responsibility
    • Customer Care
    • Team Building

  • Expected Behavior

    Ethics and Transparency

    • Achieve the goals of customers and colleagues in complete respect of the person, through moral conduct, manners and sensitivity.
    • Communicate openly and appropriately to direct superiors one’s own ideas, expectations, needs, controversies and any critical issues.
    • Respect the informal and formal business rules described in the company’s cultural behavior document.
    • Ensure the confidentiality of all company and customer information. Discuss beforehand with one’s direct superior in case of any issues or concerns about disclosing information.

    Commitment and Responsibility

    • Take responsibility for tasks throughout a process, in complete alignment with one’s job description.
    • Take charge and be proactive in one’s own personal training regarding products and services provided by the company, by asking questions, searching for solutions to issues, and suggesting training programs, if necessary.
    • Respect and comply to project deadlines defined with customers and colleagues, sharing priorities and informing, ahead of time, of any delays.
    • Be proactive by bringing ideas and initiatives, in line with the company’s Mission and business development.
    • Demonstrate pride and sense of belonging by always providing a positive image of the company to customers.

    Customer Care

    • Attend to and pay particular attention to customer relations, ensuring an appropriate balance between professionalism and informality.
    • Identify customers’ requirements by being available and understanding their needs, in order to provide appropriate solutions.
    • Ensure continuous customer support throughout the implementation of new change processes.
    • Consider one’s work as terminated only when the customer confirms he has reached his goal(s).

    Team Building

    • Work together in achieving business objectives and in finding solutions to critical issues, through common, previously planned, and shared intervention strategies.
    • Share and transfer information and skills to other team members in order to contribute to their growth and empowerment.
    • Be always open to discussion with other team members in a positive, collaborative atmosphere, working together for a common objective even when in disagreement.
    • Provide continuous feedback (both positive and negative) in order to help colleagues improve behavior and performance.

  • Quality Management System

    NetStudio S.p.A. is attentive to the quality of its business processes and services. We have been ISO 9001 certified for several years.

Based in Tuscany, Net Studio offers services in consulting, system integration, application management, and technical support in Italy and abroad. Net Studio is a leader in Italy on Identity Governance, providing IT consulting services and implementing solutions relative to Identity Governance and Administration.
Net Studio is certified ISO 9001:2015.

Net Studio, offers its expertise in the following areas:

Consulting and Understanding of Business Processes: Net Studio supports its customers in defining their objectives and selecting the most appropriate technology to match their needs.

Technology: Net Studio pays special attention to the evolution of technologies and their application in the real world, continuously training its skilled staff on the current trends and studying new solutions to offer its customers, so they are always up to date with the changing social context (cloud computing, web 2.0, GDPR, etc.)

Application Maintenance: Net Studio supports its customers by adapting existing solutions to their changing needs, whether these needs are initiated from new business requirements, or new laws and regulations. Enhancements, preventive and corrective maintenance are the key to assure customers on the life and continuity of Net Studio implementations.

Technical Support: Net Studio’s dedicated team helps customers’ resolve their technical issues, either working directly with the customer’s IT or with the Software Vendor’s professional services to identify solutions and workarounds to ensure business continuity.


Core Business: Identity Access Governance

Net Studio provides consulting services to customers looking for solutions that govern user access to applications. IT Security Officers and internal/external auditors are Net Studio’s main stakeholders for Identity Access Governance projects, because they are able to determine which areas require remediation or are necessary for compliance to best practices, such as COBIT or ITIL, o to regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley or the Italian Legislative Decree 231.

Net Studio is also making a major investment in understanding the new EU Regulation 2016/679, or GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), to provide its customers with the best solutions to support new processes, modify existing ones, and develop technological tools that will ensure an easy applicability.

Net Studio is a leader in accomplishing projects that automate centralized user management. Organizations with a large heterogeneity of distributed platforms and applications can now create centrally and assign access rights to users based on their duties.

Net Studio also provides customers with the necessary expertise to help them introduce the concept of role management, which, together with technology, can expedite the creation or revocation of accounts on different application platforms.

Due to the evolution of technology, most of today’s applications interface with the web. Net Studio utilizes technology to help users access applications in a one-to-many mode, instead of a one-to-one mode, simplifying the creation of new portals with features like ACL (Access Control Lists) and web SSO (Single Sign On).

Application Software Development

Our dedicated team of Java developers support our customers’ needs to verticalize Security implementations, or for any other customized business requirement.

Application Maintenance and Technical Support

Once systems have been deployed, Net Studio continues to support its customers. Whether it is to adapt systems because of changes in business scenarios or to implement new features, Net Studio puts great effort in maintaining its systems in line with the evolving needs of its customers.

Technological Partners

Net Studio accompanies its customers in choosing the solution that best suits their business needs. We perform a preliminary assessment of the current situation and a gap analysis based on the company’s direction, before helping our customers select the most appropriate IGA (Identity and Governance Administration) software.

Our partners include:

  • IBM;
  • Microfocus (Novell / NetIQ);
  • Dell Software;
  • Sailpoint